Shower Heads & Panels

Peruse the shower trim kits you see here to inject your bathrooms with a personalized touch of class. The selection lets you enjoy aesthetically appealing functionality in the form of complete fixture solutions.

Stop adjusting the water temperature. Upgrade your finicky old bathroom plumbing with items from our thermostatic faucet range; these fixtures are designed to keep water at consistently perfect conditions. It's just as easy to purchase a few parts as it is to buy a whole set, and waste-conscious homeowners can look for the WaterSense logo to find EPA-vetted fixtures. When you see something you like, just click the image to learn more. Each listing features a detailed description, so you'll know whether you need additional equipment or tools to complete an installation.

If you're looking for a particular component, check the category listings to the side. This is the quickest way to narrow your choices down using details like surface finishes, faucet types and prices. We offer a range of Addison faucets and shower fixtures from other industry-leading manufacturers, so if you're firmly committed to your current interior's style, you can use the listings below to find a designer match.