SteamSpa Portable Steam Saunas for Home – Personal Sauna Steam Tent for Relaxation – Indoor Foldable Bathtube for Body Spa – Hand-Accessible Zippers, Remote Control Included


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The Portable Steam Sauna is a unique product that is sweat-absorbing and features a sit-in design with a convenient hand zipper. The steam sauna is made of high-quality fabric material that prevents heat loss and is easy to clean. Our sauna tent also has a foldable sauna chair with a beautiful design. The latest 2.0L capacity steam boiler has timing power adjustment, anti-dry burning, anti-leakage, explosion-proof, automatic power-off protection, and anti-leakage protection. You can add more things to enhance the steam effect, which can speed up the circulation of the body, so that the muscles in all parts of the body can be completely relaxed, eliminating fatigue and restoring the spirit. The steam sauna is a very convenient way to utilize the beneficial features of steam rooms at home. The sauna room uses the steam heating method to easily penetrate human tissues, allowing you to experience more intense sweat. You can easily decide the temperature that suits you. Herbs and essential oils have a number of health benefits, such as improving circulation, reducing inflammation, calming your mind, and so on. Adding these things to the steam pot can help to enhance these effects and provide a soothing and refreshing scent. Everything you need for a sauna at home is attached. So you can read books and magazines and use your mobile phones in the sauna bathtub room. You can relax in your own space without outside interference, resulting in better relaxation.

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