Not sure what size you need when choosing your very own steam generator? Don’t fret! Our professional staff is happy to help you find the perfect shower steam generator. You’re only a few steps away from choosing the best steam generator at! It’s important to keep in mind that this calculator only produces an estimate based on the input that you enter, and we encourage you to contact us for expert advice on choosing the correct shower steam generator. It’s no secret that installing a steam shower can yield great benefits to your health and home, but we want to make sure that you choose the very best and most perfect steam generator.

Simply enter your name, email, and phone number for our staff to provide you with the best list of generators and current promotions running on them! After that, simply add the dimensions of your soon-to-be or currently existing steam room, and pick the construction material of the room. After this information is filled in, simple add the number of walls and calculate your rough cost. We take pride at helping you choose the very best steam generator and look forward to your business! When it comes to installing a steam shower, make your first step.

1. Contact Info

Enter the dimensions of your steam room or enclosure.

Have our professionals email you the best size KW for your needs and what generators are on promotion now.

2. Dimensions

Enter the dimensions of your steam room or enclosure.

  • feet
  • feet
  • feet

3. Adjust for Construction Material

Select one. If more than one material is used, choose the option with the greatest heat loss (highest multiple).

  • (x 1.30)
  • (x 1.35)
  • (x 1.60)
  • (x 2.00)
  • (x 2.25)
  • *Natural Stone Tiles (e.g. marble, travertine, slate, granite, etc.)

4. Adjust for Outside Walls

- max of 4 (insulated). (x 1.10 for each outside wall)

5. Our Recommendation

  • Cubic Feet

  • Call for info and special offers at 877-750-2949

  • Consider the construction materials used in the steamroom. Using the basic cubic feet, multiply by the following appropriate factor depending on the construction. When in doubt, buy a unit one size larger!

  • For ceiling heights over 8 feet, add 15% for each additional foot.

  • If the steamroom has a skylight or an outside window, select the next larger size generator. The skylight or window must be double-pane and sealed from within the steamroom.

  • Generator voltage must match existing local utilities (208 or 240 volt)

This calculator only produces estimates which are based on the inputs you enter. We encourage you to contact us for expert advice on choosing the right steam generator.