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Love the touch pad! Was in the market for a quality stream generator to accentuate our latest bathroom remodel. The installation instructions were fairly straightforward and easy to follow. I like that this unit can virtually be installed anywhere near the bathroom. Very versatile. I did install a Pre-Filter prior to the hen unit because I was worried about corrosion inside the unit, however this unit does self drain which is helpful. So far, this unit is performing well.

Bailey L.

5 Star Rating

Having experienced the benefits of the steam sauna at my son's home this past summer, we decided to get one for our home. We picked the "Oasis 9kW Touch Pad Steam Bath Generator Package in Chrome" from Home Depot. This steam generator is well designed, sturdy, easy to (*)install, easy to operate and comes with an excellent set of instructions. (*)Because this is an electrical/mechanical device in a high humidity environment, for your own safety and to prevent damage to your property, I strongly recommend that unless you are a qualified plumber/electrician, you must not attempt to do it yourself since this installation must meet all national and local codes. Pick a good location for your generator such as a cabinet next to your shower enclosure, accessible for proper installation and service. Controls are excellent, you must read, understand and follow instructions. Once properly installed you will enjoy "The great SteamSpa experience"

Thomas C.

5 Star Rating

Wow, what a relaxing experience this thing makes! The steam is soothing and the added touch of being able to add in the aromatherapy oils is very nice. It should be installed close to the shower if possible, and the manufacturer recommends it be no more than about 25 feet from the shower. The keypad is rather no nonsense, but does the job it is supposed to do and seems like it will hold up pretty well over time. You will need to make sure that you have the capacity on your breaker box to install the needed high amperage breaker for this as it takes a bit of power to operate it. It doesn't run for a long time though, so it is actually quite efficient and won't rack up a huge bill. The self draining feature is nice, and it will blow off pressure to an overpressure valve if pressure gets a bit high. Heat up time is really quick and you'll be enjoying your steam in just a short time. The only thing that could have made it better would be if it integrated with voice controls for smart homes so I could have just asked for it to get itself ready, but that's just me being spoiled!

Russ B.

5 Star Rating

Steamspa is very helpful and gets you what you need fast! My black series 12kW is amazing, can't imagine life without it. Anzzi is an amazing company, with amazing products that is definitely worth spending your money with.

Enrico B.

5 Star Rating

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